Alma TED

Newest technology in hair restoration.


5/25/20241 min read

Alma TED™️ (Trans Epidermal Delivery) is a painless hair loss treatment. It uses sound waves and air pressure to deliver a proprietary topical serum into the scalp. This serum is marketed to contain growth factors, peptides, and nutrients. Proponents of TED therapy believe it is better than PRP because it is painless. TED has been clinically validated with more than 20 published studies, and TED is FDA-approved. patients rave about the results. After two weeks, most patients notice less shedding and early signs of growth.

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New Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

How Does Ted Work?

TED stands for trans epidermal drug delivery, and this revolutionary system provides the body with ingredients that support optimal hair and scalp health and follicular strength. But what sets TED apart from PRP hair restoration and transplant procedures is that the entire treatment can be done with no needles and zero pain.

Alma TED is the only low-frequency ultrasound system that leverages acoustic sound waves to improve hair growth. In addition, the acoustic sound waves created by TED create gaseous bubbles in the stratum corneum. These bubbles expand the lipid bilayer, allowing the medications to be delivered and absorbed deeply so the body can utilize them best. This system, which works to improve blood flow, has been clinically validated in over 20 published studies.